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  2. Leave It In 2013!

    I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the wonderful and eventful year that 2014 will be. If it’s going to be as good as we want, some articles of clothing and “fashion trends” like bad habits and terrible experiences should be left in 2013.

    The Smoking Jacket presents the ten fashion trends that should be left in 2013!



    That awkward moment when I did not expect to see this trend in 2013. The era of clothes which are not tailored to fit a gentleman’s physique is far behind us; as far as 2000 (refer to Fresh Prince and My Wife and Kids). In this age, unless it is a retro style where the “baggy look” is intentional, a gentleman should not have clothes in his closet as big as a curtain. New clothes are not necessary, a tailor is! Leave it …in 2013



    "Swag" has a new face and it is NOT a white Hanes T-shirt with long chains. Firstly, a Hanes T-shirt, correct me if I’m wrong, is sold as an under garment which therefore means that it should be worn UNDER another shirt. OK, let’s say it is not an outside shirt…this is still not a trend for the fashion forward man of 2014. Leave it …in 2013!


    Rainbow Dressing: (n) The overdone version of colour blocking.


    The Smoking Jacket recognizes that colour blocking was a big trend of 2012 and one which carried on in 2013 but it has gotten out of hand. Last year in clubs and parties many men were seen wearing every colour in the Crayola box in one outfit, looking like a rainbow in the sky. Perhaps colour blocking may continue but the over use of colour in one outfit is absolutely prohibited. Leave it …in 2013!



    In 2014, The Smoking Jacket hopes to see more modern and stylish kinds of caps and NOT snapbacks. Leather or aztec print styled normal caps are a good start but one should discard of the “Lil Romeo meets Justine Bieber” style of caps which are commonly referred to as snapbacks. Why? If you objectively look at where style is headed in 2014 from the neck down, ask yourself “Would a snap back look good with this?”…Leave it …in 2013


    In late 2012 and all of 2013, many guys tried the style of buttoning their stop button and pairing it with a gold chain. However, some took it way too far and had three gold chains + gold earrings + a gold watch + gold bracelets and it was just … too much. 

    How you THINK YOU LOOK


    How you ACTUALLY LOOK 


    Having jewelry is all good. Every guy should have this but not all at once. …Leave it …in 2013!



    Shall we start by identifying what exactly you will look like if you wear a full suit of a particular colour? Yes, we shall…

    All pink: Pepto Bismol 

    All black: Can get away with it. “All black everything”

    All Yellow: Banana 

    All Red: Clifford the big red dog/ fire truck

    All Brown: … .

    Having done that, the reasoning behind this “fashion trend” being left behind in 2013 by The Smoking Jacket is pretty obvious. While you don’t want to look like a rainbow dresser (refer to number 3), it’s just not a fashion forward thing to do to wear the same colour in every article of clothing at one time. Leave it …in 2013! 



    Jamaicans have a tendency to say “fashion ova style” to refer to a stylish individual or outfit. However, I follow the school of thought that says style over fashion. I’d like to suggest that the tendency to follow every fashion trend and mix them should be left in 2013. People who do this look confused. Try to figure out what works for you and your personality and body. Not looking like a sale rack in H and M . . Leave it …in 2013! 



    Break up the word. Sun. Glasses… . SUN glasses. Do not be offended if someone offers  to help you because they think you’re visually impaired or an extra from Men in Black. that is all. Leave it for the day and leave it …in 2013!

    9. MOHAWKS 


    As women are able to experiment and be expressive when it comes to their hairstyles, I believe that men should be able to do this as well. The Mohawk with different graphics was an opportunity for men to do such. However, it has now become outdated and some what…juvenile. Do you take any grown man seriously with a haircut like this? I don’t. It came and conquered. Leave it … in 2013! 



    I’m an advocate for well fitted pants and clothes in general. I am not a fan however of clothes which looks like it was painted on. Leave the skin tight clothing to your female counterparts. The aim is took look clean and neat…not like you’re wearing clothes that you outgrew. Leave it …in 2013

    - RushCam 

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    I’ve decided that every month I will highlight someone whose fashion has influenced mine, someone I admire. 2014 will kick of with Frank Ocean.

    My most recent role model in terms of fashion has got to be Frank Ocean. This may come as a surprise to many; but his signature head band coupled with the unusual graphics on his shirts is pretty…”dope”.

    Favourite thing about his style: Headband and maintenance of masculinity

    Least favourite thing: On formal occasions his style doesn’t stand out as much as it does casually. 


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  4. Friday Denim

    Friday Denim

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  6. Our very own Rushane Campbell is in Mr Law 2013 and he needs your help! Like the ALBUM please! Thanks! 


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  7. 2012: A “Good” Year?

    First of all, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and I pray that 2013 is filled with prosperity and success, not only that but I also hope that you may learn life lessons this year which will contribute to your personal development. This is the first time I’ll be writing on The Smoking Jacket as myself… I decided to do this because I like a personal touch every now and then. 

    Now, here’s the question I’d like to ask: What makes a year, a “good/great/AH-MAZING year”?

    I asked a couple people who tweeted stuff like “2012 was the best year yet!” and “2012 was my year, it was so amazing”…Why was 2012 so GREAT and what makes it a better year than 2011? A friend of mine said it was because she got married, another said it was because he got into a top university (which he was unable to attend) and others said the cliche “I found out who my real friends were” etc…

    People are always looking at the year in a negative light because it didn’t go according to plan. Cut the negativity! 

    Person 1: It wasn’t a good year because December was terrible! 

    Is it a good year because it ended well? I ask this question because over and over I notice that people who have had a bad December, don’t necessarily refer to the year as a great year. These same people may have been saying it was an AMAZING year before December but because of a down period, they changed their minds. Was that down period so bad that it changes your feeling about the entire year? 11 months of happiness, more or less…is overruled by 1 month of …not-so happiness? I don’t think so…

    Person 2: It wasn’t a good year because I didn’t really get to go anywhere.

    The person who depends on outtings to determine a “good year” is a person who should be allowed to go out every day to realize that it’s not about going out. It may sound so cliche but it’s about the time you spend with friends and family. You could go out every single day and not spend quality time with quality people and that in my opinion would make the year worse. Furthermore… WHY does that determine whether or not you had a good year? Ok you didn’t go anywhere ..are you worse off because of your absence at Beach Bums/Top Floor/Uber etc…? How good the year was is really hinged on THAT? hehe, the grass is always greener on the other side. 

    Person 3: It wasn’t a good year because I lost a loved one…

    I’ll try to say this without sounding cold or distant because I myself have experienced this loss. To look on things in a positive way… you lost a loved ONE. You didn’t lose your whole family, you didn’t lose all the people who matter to you. It’s a sad time, it’s a down period but use it as motivation to become closer to those around you and appreciate the people around you because you never know when they may go. The year may have been GREAT nonetheless… so call it what it is and don’t allow one down time to keep you down! 

    ME: It was a damn good year! 

    I considered my 2012 to be a great year because of what I went through. Not only did I lose family members, but I also lost friends and things didn’t go as well as I thought it would have…in THAT particular part of my life. However, I got closer to family, closer to friends, did things that made me happy, created new experiences, created The Smoking Jacket, started law school and so it was indeed a GREAT YEAR. A great year, because I can look back and say …it neva suh bad! 

    People who have been through ups and downs and learned real life lessons from the experiences they’ve had…haven’t they experienced a good year? Those people are starting 2013, wiser than they started 2012 and that seems to be more important to me than how many raves you went to, how many times you got drunk and how many girlfriends you ran through. At the end of the year what makes it good for me, is knowing that you have a closer family, it’s knowing that the great times you had are memorable and you have no regrets, it’s knowing that the mistakes you made will never be made again because you learned your lessons. 

    Come on guys, let’s stop doing this “I HATED THIS YEAR” thing  because it wasn’t exactly what we thought it would have been. One year you may actually have a real CRAP year… Approach it with a fresh outlook and be open to new experiences which may very well change your life forever. So at the end of 2013, you’ll say …it surpassed all my expectations. Cheers to 2013


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  8. Christmas Suit! #style #elegance #sophistication 

    Christmas Suit! #style #elegance #sophistication 

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  9. Christmas is all about style and sophistication! 

    Christmas is all about style and sophistication! 

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  10. Everybody’s wearing stripes and plaid, change it up a bit, try new patterns this Christmas!  Remember the SOLID tie! 

    Everybody’s wearing stripes and plaid, change it up a bit, try new patterns this Christmas!  Remember the SOLID tie! 

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